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About Pakis Raja and Pakis

The name of our Suites, Pakis, is derived from the architecture of the resort building. The arrangement of the rooms resembling a PakisĀ  tree, gives you a better view. Pakis also signifies high appreciation and value.


About Pinus and Cacao

Of all the plants/trees planted in The Upper Clift neighborhood, there are two trees that are botanically identical: Pine and Cacao. Although they are considered different room types, Deluxe and Superior, Pine and Cacao are similar in design. Pine is made to look more premium and classier. While Cacao depicts more affordable value substance made with a unique standardized resort.

Guest Services

High speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the villas, cafe and restaurant.

Breakfast served at Jacaranda Restaurant.

Unlimited access to Phillo Sports Club and Wellness facility

Laundry services.

Local culture tour with our navigators on request.

Return to the airport transfers for staying 3 nights or more.