Amazing signature places that has profound historical value and add more sensation during your stay.

Bidadari Waterfall

With its unquestionably beautiful natural panorama, it certainly makes Curug Bidadari popular to visit. The flow of water from Curug Bidadari is quite heavy and has a large pool with a depth that is only limited to the chest of an adult. This is one of the attractions of Curug Bidadari because it is quite safe to be used as a place to swim. In addition to swimming, you can enjoy the natural beauty from the edge of the pool. Not only that, you can also enjoy the natural shower in the Curug Bidadari pool. There are several showers provided in this waterfall pool. The showerhead is made of bamboo so that it adds to the typical rural atmosphere here.

KM 0 (Kilometer Zero)

Cycling hobbyist must have heard about KM 0 Sentul. Located about 10 kilometers from the Sentul City area, the landscape of this area is dominated by steep climbs and descents. KM 0 Sentul is at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level. But actually the incline began to be felt since the ride from Sentul City which is at an altitude of 240 meters above sea level. There are two paths that cyclists can explore at KM 0 Sentul, namely 14 and 12 km. Arriving at KM 0 Sentul, cyclists can choose to rest in the coffee that is widely available here. beautiful views, cool air, and a fresher body can certainly erase the fatigue while cycling here.