Get to know and learn the unique and impressive local cultures and amazing places around us, to make your time even more memorables.


KM0 Bike Trail

KM 0 (Kilometer Zero) mountain bike trail is located at 650m above sea level. The path is quite challenging with some steep climbs. It is quite well known and many are cycling on weekends. Riders will enjoy such a beautiful scenery along the way and enjoy street snacks at the nearby stalls while they rest.

Curug Bidadari

Curug (Waterfall) Bidadari is located in Sentul Paradise Park, Bojong Koneng Village, not far from The Upper Clift. Curug Bidadari, has its own charm that becomes a magnet for tourists. The pool here uses natural water from a waterfall.

Rice Fields

For those of you who are tired of the dense urban environment and looking for a beautiful rural atmosphere, The Upper Clift is surrounded by humongous area of rice fields. You and your family can walk along it, enjoy the beautiful greenery and the warmth of the local people.

Embrace The Beauty of Natural Life

A wonderful location of The Upper Clift will provide you with such a natural beauty. Feel the refreshing dew in the morning with clean mountain air and serene atmosphere surrounds you throughout the day. It feels like heaven is here on earth.



Kolecer, or bamboo windmill, are found in many villages in West Java. Originated from farmers needs to have something to do while they waited for their fields, Kolecer became a symbol of success, and it was intended to be used as an object of entertainment. Kolecer has a deep philosophical meaning, which is, in order to be successful human being, one must always reflect on their own actions and motivations.


For those of you who love chili sauce, you must be familiar with this one kitchen tool. Cobek, or mortar in English, is a kitchen utensil that has existed since ancient times and is commonly used to grind or mix spices. However, people have started to switch to using an electric spice grinder. The resulting taste is certainly different. Especially for processed Indonesian food that uses a lot of ground spices.